MobiHoc 2004 May 24-26, 2004 Tokyo, Japan sigmobileAssociation forComputing Machinery
The Fifth ACM International Symposium on Mobile Ad Hoc Networking and Computing


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Tuesday, May 25

Mori Tower 49F [Tower Hall]




Opening + Keynote Session

Chair: Jun Murai, WIDE Project





Jun Murai, MobiHoc 2004 General Chair


Keynote : Towards a New Era of Robots

Dr. Toshi T. Doi
Executive Vice President, Executive Officer, Sony Corporation
Chairman, Sony Computer Science Laboratories, Inc.



Session 1

Geometry and Positioning

Chair: Youngbae Ko ‹




Asymptotic Critical Transmission Radius And Critical Neighbor Number for k-Connectivity in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks

Peng-Jun Wan (Illinois Institute of Technology),
Chih-Wei Yi (Illinois Institute of Technology)

Paper [195KB]


Does Topology Control Reduce Interference

Martin Burkhart (ETH Zurich),
Pascal Von Rickenbach (ETH Zurich),
Roger Wattenhofer (ETH Zurich),
Aaron Zollinger (ETH Zurich)

Paper [320KB]


Error Characteristics of Ad Hoc Positioning Systems

Dragos Niculescu (Rutgers University),
Badri Nath (Rutgers University)

Paper [277KB]



Session 2

Routing and Content Distribution

Chair: Ryuji Wakikawa ‹




On Greedy Geographic Routing Algorithms in Sensing-Covered Networks

Guoliang Xing (Washington University in St. Louis),
Chenyang Lu (Washington University in St. Louis),
Robert Pless (Washington University in St. Louis),
Qingfeng Huang (Palo Alto Research Center (PARC) Inc.)

Paper [283KB]


Loop-Free Incremental Routing in Ad Hoc Networks Using Labeled Paths

Hari Rangarajan (University of california,Santa Cruz),
J.J. Garcia-Luna-Aceves (University of California at Santa Cruz)

Paper [280KB]


Market Sharing Games Applied to Content Distribution in Ad Hoc Networks

Michel Goemans (Massachusetts Institute of Technology),
Li Li (Bell Labs, Lucent Technologies),
Vahab Mirrokni (LCS MIT),
Marina Thottan (Bell Labs, Lucent Technologies)

Paper [206KB]

Session 3

Sensor Networks

Chair: James Kempf ‹




Rate Allocation in Wireless Sensor Networks with Network Lifetime Requirement

Thomas Hou (Virginia Tech),
Yi Shi (Virginia Tech),
Hanif Sherali (Virginia Tech)

Paper [232KB]


A Scalable Approach for Reliable Downstream Data Delivery in Wireless Sensor Networks

Seung-Jong Park (Georgia Institute of Technology),
Ramanuja Vedantham (Georgia Tech),
Raghupathy Sivakumar (Georgia Institute of Technology),
Ian Akyildiz (Georgia Institute of Technology)

Paper [666KB]


Internal Synchronization of Drift-Constraint Clocks in Ad-Hoc Sensor Networks

Lennart Meier (ETH Zurich),
Philipp Blum (ETH Zurich),
Lothar Thiele (ETH Zurich)

Paper [107KB]



Poster Session






Wednesday, May 26

Mori Tower 49F [Tower Hall]



Session 4

Energy Efficiency

Chair: Anthony Ephremides ‹




Localized Algorithms for Energy Efficient Topology in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks

Wen-Zhan Song (Illinois Institute of Technology),
Yu Wang (Illinois Institute of Technology),
Xiang-Yang Li (Illinois Institute of Technology)

Paper [206KB]


Latency of wireless sensor networks with uncoordinated power saving mechanisms

Olivier Dousse (EPFL),
Petteri Mannersalo (CWI),
Patrick Thiran (EPFL)

Paper [347KB]


On Deriving the Upper Bound of α-Lifetime for Large Sensor Networks

Honghai Zhang (University of Illinois, at Urbana, Champaign),
Jennifer Hou (University of Illinois)

Paper [264KB]



Session 5

Network Communication Capacity and Behaviors

Chair: Atsushi Shionozaki ‹




Capacity Bounds for Three Classes of Wireless Ad Hoc Networks

Stavros Toumpis (Forschungszentrum Telekommunikation Wien)

Paper [264KB]


On the Behavior of Communication Links of a Node in a Multi-Hop Mobile Environment

Prince Samar (Cornell University),
Stephen Wicker (Cornell University)

Paper [332KB]


Geometry of Information Propagation in Massively Dense ad hoc Networks

Philippe Jacquet (INRIA)

Paper [203KB]



Session 6

New Directions

Chair: Hiroshi Esaki ‹




Towards Mobility as a Network Control Primitive

David Goldenberg (Yale University),
Jie Lin (Yale University),
A. Stephen Morse (Yale University),
Brad Rosen (Yale University),
Yang Richard Yang (Yale University)

Paper [459KB]


Locating Cache Proxies in MANETs

Roy Friedman (IRISA/INRIA),
Maria Gradinariu (IRISA),
Gwendal Simon (IRISA)

Paper [163KB]


A Message Ferrying Approach for Data Delivery in Sparse Mobile Ad Hoc Networks

Wenrui Zhao (Georgia INstitute of Technology),
Mostafa Ammar (Georgia Institute of Technology),
Ellen Zegura (Georgia Institute of Technology)

Paper [151KB]

Session 7


Chair: Prof. Hyunsoo Yoon ‹




Frequency Rolling: A Cooperative Frequency Hopping for Mutually Interfering WPANs

Petar Popovski (Aalborg University),
Hiroyuki Yomo (Aalborg University),
Sebastien Aprili (Aalborg University),
Ramjee Prasad (Aalborg University)

Paper [236KB]


A Single-Channel Solution for Transmission Power Control in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks

Alaa Muqattash (University of Arizona),
Marwan Krunz (University of Arizona)

Paper [249KB]


Multi-Channel MAC for Ad Hoc Networks: Handling Multi-Channel Hidden Terminals Using A Single Transceiver

Jungmin So (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign),
Nitin Vaidya (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)

Paper [237KB]



Session 8

Multicast and Antennas

Chair: David B. Johnson ‹




Antenna Orientation Optimization for Minimum-Energy Multicast Tree Construction in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks with Directional Antennas

Song Guo (University of Ottawa)

Paper [316KB]


A Unified MAC Layer Framework for Ad-hoc Networks with Smart Antennas

Karthikeyan Sundaresan (Georgia Tech),
Raghupathy Sivakumar (Georgia Institute of Technology)

Paper [267KB]


An Adaptive Strategy for Maximizing Throughput in MAC Layer Multicast

Prasanna Chaporkar (University of Pennsylvania),
Anita Bhat (University of Pennsylvania),
Saswati Sarkar (University of Pennsylvania)

Paper [260KB]


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