MobiHoc 2004 May 24-26, 2004 Tokyo, Japan sigmobileAssociation forComputing Machinery
The Fifth ACM International Symposium on Mobile Ad Hoc Networking and Computing

General Information


  • The Tokyo area uses 100V AC/50Hz.

  • Devices that take 110V AC will work fine.

  • The shape of power outlets is identical those used in the United States (two blades in parallel) except most outlets do not have third hole for a ground pin.


  • Most small shops, taxicabs and train stations do not accept credit cards.
    It is advised to carry some JPY cash.

  • There is no tipping habit in Japan.

  • VAT of 5% will be added to every purchase you make.

  • 1USD = 110JPY ; 1EUR = 130JPY (roughly)

  • Most bank ATMs do not take Cirrus/Plus bank cards for withdrawal.
    Exceptions are Citibank ATMs and ATMs at post offices.
    Citibank ATMs are located in Terminals 1 and 2 of Narita Airport and at the Roppongi crossing. Open 24 hrs.
    List of Citibank branches in Tokyo area.


  • The Japanese cellphone network is not compatible with GSM.
    CDMA is in service, however, if you need a cellphone,
    (1) rent it at the airport or (2) buy prepaid-card phones at a convenience store.


  • Late spring in Japan is warm with average temperatures in the low to mid 20's (Celsius). Light jackets, light sweaters are recommended for the evening.

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