Video Session Program

AdRob: Examining the Landscape and Impact of Android Application Plagiarism
Clinton Gibler (UC Davis)

CarSafe App: Alerting Drowsy and Distracted Drivers using Dual Cameras on Smartphones
Chuang-Wen You (Darmouth)

Keyword Programming for TouchDevelop
Vu Le (UC Davis)

MoodScope: Smartphone Mood Sensing
Robert LiKamWa (Rice U)

Energy Proportional Image Sensors for Continuous Mobile Vision
Robert LiKamWa (Rice U)

CrowdAtlas: Self-Updating Maps for Cloud and Personal Use
Yin Wang (UMIch)

Video Streaming Using Whitespace Spectrum for Vehicular Applications
Tan Zhang (Wisconsin-Madison)

Sensing Device Co-location through Patterns of Silence
Mary G Baker (HP Labs)

Reg Track
Will Hedgecock

Pointer Wizard - A Remote Interaction User Interface
Jenq-Shiou Leu (National Taiwan University of Science and Technology)

Kwiizya: Local Cellular Network Services in Remote Areas
Mariya Zheleva (UCSB)

Multi-Screen Social TV over Cloud-Centric Media Platform
Wen Yonggang (Nanyang Technological U)

Rewriting an Android App using RetroSkeleton
Patrick Sheehan (UC Davis)

Participatory Sensing and Crowd Management in Public Spaces
Tobias Franke (DFKI)