Conference Hotel - Sheraton Hotel, Taipei, Taiwan

Confernce Hotel

Sheraton Taipei is a 5-star hotel of 20 years of history. The hotel, having finished renovation at about 2006, provides 688 freshly-refurbished rooms and suites and a number of Chinese, Western, and Japanese restaurants. The hotel is situated in the center of the Taipei city. The closest Metropolitan Rapid Transit (MRT) station is within 1-min walk. The Taipei main station to access the Taiwan High-Speed Railway system is also only 1 MRT stop away. In the surrounding area, there are also a variety of alternative accommodations (ranging from youth hostel to 5-star hotels), the shopping district, as well as the CKS Memorial Hall where the major cultural events are housed.

Meeting Location

Mobisys'13, the workshops and the main conference will take place primarily on the B1 floor - the meeting room area.


MobiSys'13 has reserved a room block at the Sheraton Taipei. Booking through the link provided below will allow stay to this 5-star hotel right in the heart of the Taipei city at a special rate. The MobiSys'13 group rate is NT$7000 (~US$233) per night, as opposed to the regular published rate NT$13000 (~US$433). The nightly rate covers breakfast, welcome fruit, complimentary Internet access and access to hotel facilities (pool, gym, and Sauna). Note that the rate does not include the 5% tax and 10% service charge.

Proceed to reservation at

The offer is limited in quantity, as well as time. The booking is provided in a first-come-first-served fashion. The room block will also be released by May 24 2013 in case there is any left. In either case, the nightly rate will be significantly higher than that of the special group rate.

Nearby Alternatives

In addition to the Sheraton Taipei, there are many hotels surrounding the conference hotel, each of its special features. The list below represents a number of examples.

Price Range
(2012, subject to change)
Five Stars:

Sheraton Hotel Taipei

Grand Formosa Regent Taipei

Ambassador Hotel

Grand Hyatt Taipei

Far Eastern Plaza Hotel

Grand Hotel Taipei

Howard Plaza Hotel

Sunworld Dynasty

Single/Double room rate US$150-260
Four Stars:

Cesar Park, Taipei

The Landis Taipei Cosmos Hotel Taipei
Single/Double room rate US$100-180
Budget (Two or Three Stars):


Chien-Tan Youth Activity Center

Howard International House
Single/Double room rate US$50-110
Other Alternatives

One might also identify low fare from modern day tools such as , or etc. Please do mind the ratings from experienced travelers. Our advice is to cross-check the


Taipei International Airport (formerly, CKS International Airport; also known as Taiwan Yaoyuan International Airport): There are more than 42 international airlines offering services from more than 58 major cities worldwide to Taipei. There are more than 230 flights per week from North American cities such as Chicago, Detroit, Los Angeles, New York City, San Francisco, Seattle, Vancouver, etc. to Taipei, many of which are non-stop. There are more than 70 flights per week from European cities such as Amsterdam, Frankfurt, London, Paris, Rome, Vienna, Zurich, etc. to Taipei, including many non-stop flights. Transportation from Asia Pacific cities such as Auckland, Bangkok, Brisbane, Hawaii, Hong Kong, Osaka, Seoul, Singapore, Sydney, Tokyo, etc. is even more convenient.

Airport transportation: Passengers have plenty of choices in getting to and from the Taipei international airport. For international travelers, especially the 1st-time visitors, taxi is the recommended means of transportation from the TPE international airport to Sheraton Taipei (around US$40, 40-70 minutes depending on the traffic). For access to the airport taxi service, please refer to this link.

For those who are looking for a more environmental friendly or budget way to transport, the Sheraton Taipei can be reached by bus (around US$4 but 70-90 minutes depending on the traffic) as well. The ticket counter and the bus boarding area are on the B1 floor for Terminal I arrivals, and the 1st floor for Terminal II arrival. The "2061 West-Express" line operated by CitiAir Bus takes you to the side entrance of Sheraton Taipei. Similarly, across the street from the side entrance of Sheraton Taipei, one finds the bus stop for 2061-West to the airport. The interval is about 20-30 minutes. In the rush hours, the interval could be significantly skewed. Please do take into account the waiting time heading back to the airport for your return flight. Note also that you will need to purchase the ticket on board the bus. The driver does not give back changes.

For more comprehensive information on ground transportation, please refer to the Public Transportation and Airport Facility Maps provided by the TPE international airport.

Local transportation: The public transportation system of Taipei consists of the Metropolitan Rapid Transit (MRT) and numerous bus routes. Taipei MRT should serve most of your intra-Taipei transportation need. Sheraton Taipei is right next to the Shandao Temple (exit #2) of the blue line. Most of the city attractions are conveniently accessible. For the route map and fare info, please refer to the Metro Guide provided by the MRT.

To go outside of Taipei, the Taiwan High-Speed Railway system transports passengers from Taipei to Kaohsiung (the other major city in southern TW) in 1.5 hours. Please find the routes and additional info provided by THSR.

There are additionally domestic air-shuttles, as well as the traditional railway system, that offer transportation to the eastern, scenic Taiwan. For domestic flights, please refer to the website of the Taipei SongShan Airport. This airport, located inside the Taipei city, handles all domestic air traffic. This airport begins to accommodate a small number of international flights from/to selected cities in East Asia just these couple years. For the traditional railway system routes, travelers may refer to this link for a comprehensive view of the destinations throughout Taiwan.


For most visitors, you are very likely visa exempt. Please refer to the Visa-Exemption program info page. For the 1st time visitor, please do consult the ROC embassy or mission office nearest to you to be sure.

Only visitors from a handful of countries will need to go through the visa application process. Among these, many are eligible for fast online visa application. A few will need to visit a local ROC mission office. Please do consult your local ROC embassy/mission office. Info on applying a visitor visa can be found here.

Holders of the People's Republic of China passports will need to go through a special process, which requires effort as well from the organizing committee side. You are advised to email our staff member: Patty Teng for assistance. Please contact us as soon as possible. This process could take weeks and weeks of time.