Online Registration Instruction

    1. MobiSys'13 registration is handled through EDAS. If you do not have an EDAS account yet, please create a new account by accessing EDAS Login

    2. MobiSys'13 registration link is

    3. Upon logging in, you should see a number of registration options such as illustrated below. If you are an ACM member, make sure you 'update your society memberships' to allow showing of the ACM/SIG Member registration options. Otherwise, the default will be the Non-member options. Extra reception and banquet ticket options will show as soon as you register for the main conference.

    4. Select the event to register by clicking on the shopping cart to the right. Events you've selected will show up at the bottom of the page as below.

    5. Please click to add a Note if you have any meal restrictions (vegan, Hindu, kosher, Muslim, allergic to XXX). Skip the step, if there is none.

    6. Finally, proceed to payment by clicking on the credit card options beneath. Click on the invoice icon, you may find the registration receipt for printing. Please note that being able to print the receipt does not mean the registration is complete. The registration is complete when the payment is successfully received by EDAS.


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