MobiCom 2011 / Las Vegas, Nevada
              / September 19-23, 2011


 Call for Speakers at MobiCom 2011's Outrageous Opinion Session 


The Outrageous Opinion Session invites you to share with the MobiCom audience, an idea, opinion, or an advise that is bold, unconventional, crazy ... and yet, entertaining and/or thought-provoking. The goal of this session is to challenge some of the established norms and methods in our research community, propose new directions in how we should operate, and even share research visions that are wild ... and while discussing all this, we intend to laugh and and have fun.

Please contact Romit Roy Choudhury if you would like to speak in the outrageous opinion session at MobiCom 2011. Each speaker will be allocated a slot of around 5 minutes, in which he/she is free to use slides. The most outrageous opinion will be awarded a prize ... rumor has it that the prize would be outrageous as well.

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