MobiCom 2011 / Las Vegas, Nevada
              / September 19-23, 2011


 Demos and Exhibits 


The following demos are scheduled to be presented at MobiCom 2011:

  • Multimedia Messaging with Underwater Acoustic Wireless Networks
    Son Le, Haining Mo, Zheng Peng, Michael Zuba, Jun-Hong Cui, Zhijie Shi, Shengli Zhou (University of Connecticut, USA)

  • SNViz: Web-based Analysis-oriented Visualization for Mobile Devices
    Giacomo Ghidini, Sajal K. Das (The University of Texas at Arlington, USA), Vipul Gupta(Oracle Corp, USA)

  • CraneTracker: A Multi-Modal Platform for Monitoring Migratory Birds on a Continental Scale
    William P. Bennett, David Anthony, Mehmet C. Vuran, Matthew Dwyer, Sebastian Elbaum (University of Nebraska-Lincoln, USA), Walter Wehtje (The Crane Trust Wood River, USA)

  • FaceSimile: A Mobile Application for Face Image Search based on Interactive Shape Manipulation
    Shengqi Zhu, Brandon M. Smith, Li Zhang (University of Wisconsin, USA)

  • Airblue: A Recon?gurable Wireless Transceiver
    Kermin Elliott Fleming, Man Cheuk Ng, Hari Balakrishnan, Arvind (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA)

  • STROBE: Actively Securing Wireless Communications using Zero-Forcing Beamforming
    Narendra Anand (Rice University, USA), Sung-Ju Lee (Hewlett-Packard Laboratories, USA), Edward W. Knightly (Rice University, USA)

  • Reliable and Secure Communication Platforms of FREEDM Systems in Smart Grid
    Xiang Lu, Wenye Wang, Zhuo Lu (NC State University, USA), Jianfeng Ma (Xidian University, P.R.China)

  • Using ASSERT: Emulating Outdoor Mobility Using An Indoor Wireless Testbed
    Ehsan Nourbakhsh, Ryan Burch?eld, S. Venkatesan, Neeraj Mittal, Ravi Prakash (The University of Texas, USA)

  • The Feasibility of Physiological-Value-Based Same-Body Detection for Body Area Network
    Sang-Yoon Chang, Hans Anderson, Yih-Chun Hu (University of Illinois, USA)

  • Dynamic Frequency Selection through Collaborative Reporting in WLANs
    Giannis Kazdaridis, Stratos Keranidis, Adamantios Fiamegkos, Thanasis Korakis, Iordanis Koutsopoulos, Leandros Tassiulas (University of Thessaly, Greece)

  • Power-Efficient Beamforming on Mobile Devices
    Hang Yu, Lin Zhong, Ashutosh Sabharwal, David Kao (Rice University, USA)

  • Demo of Enhance & Explore: an Adaptive Algorithm to Maximize the Utility of Wireless Networks
    Adel Aziz, Julien Herzen (EPFL, Switzerland), Ruben Merz(Deutsche Telekom Laboratories, Germany), Seva Shneer (Heriot-Watt University, UK), Patrick Thiran (EPFL, Switzerland)

  • IEEE 802.11p / WAVE Vehicular Communications
    André Cardote (Instituto de Telecomunicações, University of Aveiro, Portugal. Carnegie Mellon University, USA), Carlos Ameixieira, Ricardo Moreira, José Matos, Susana Sargento, Arnaldo Oliveira (Instituto de Telecomunicações, University of Aveiro, Portugal)

  • An Analysis of a Mobile Taxicab Based Sensor Network
    Raghu K. Ganti, Iqbal Mohomed, Anand Ranganathan, Mudhakar Srivatsa (Watson Research Center, USA)

  • Di-Sec: A Distributed Security Framework for Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Networks
    Marco Valero (Georgia State University, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA), Sang Shin Jung , Arif Selcuk Uluagac, Yingshu Li, Raheem Beyah (Georgia Institute of Technology, USA)

  • ECOS: Enterprise Centric Of?oading System
    Aaron Gember, Aditya Akella (University of Wisconsin, USA)

  • Wireless Activity Monitoring Device Enabling Mobile Ubiquitous Healthcare
    Pankil M. Butala, Yuting Zhang, Connor McEwen, Robert C.wagenaar, Thomas D.C. Little (Boston University, USA)

  • GlobalSense: A Framework for Studying Planet-Scale Vehicular Mobility
    Gautam S. Thakur (Deutsche Telekom Laboratories, Germany. University of Florida, USA),Pan Hui (Deutsche Telekom Laboratories, Germany), Ahmed Helmy (University of Florida, USA)

  • An Isolated Wireless Virtualization Environment for 802.11
    Mao Yang, Yong Li (Tsinghua University, China), Pan Hui (Deutsche Telekom Laboratories, Germany), Xu Zhang, Lieguang Zeng, Depeng Jin, Li Su (Tsinghua University, P. R. China)

  • CID3: Coordinated Integration of Dynamically Discovered Devices
    Mohammad Al-Mutawa, Shivakant Mishra (University of Colorado Boulder, USA)

  • Demo for Terminals-Networks Cooperative Convergent System
    Wenpeng Li, Gengyu Li, Hui Tian, Zheng Hu, Juntao Hu, Qingsong Hua (Beijing University, P. R. China)

  • An Energy Consumption Profiling Tool for Mobile Applications in an Emulated Wireless Environment
    Yuchen Kuo, Chih-Chen Kao, Jian Jhen Chen, Ilter Suat, Cheng-Kun Yu, Shiao-Li Tsao (National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan),

  • CR-NEST: A Cognitive Radio Network Emulator and Simulator Testbed
    Lei Ding (State University of New York at Buffalo, Intelligent Automation, USA), Yalin Sagduyu (Intelligent Automation, USA), Tommaso Melodia (State University of New York at Buffalo, USA), Jason H. Li (Intelligent Automation, USA)

  • GRID: A DTN based Localized Social Networking and Messaging Application
    Karthik Budigere, Binoy Chemmagate, Junxi Yin, Markus Nurminen, Eero Martela (Aalto University, Finland), Ankit Kumar, Richa Khera, Nutan Sawant (Indian Institute of Technology, India)

  • Demonstration of a Software Defined Visible Light Communication System
    Michael Rahaim, Tarik Borogovac, Thomas D.C. Little (Boston University, USA), Ali Mirvakili, Valencia Joyner (Tufts University, USA)

  • Phone Power Monitoring with BattOr
    Aaron Schulman (University of Maryland, USA), Thomas Schmid (University of Utah, USA), Prabal Dutta (University of Michigan, USA), Neil Spring (University of Maryland, USA)

  • Colombo SDK – simulating the innards of a wireless MAC
    Dinan Gunawardena, Božidar Radunovid (Microsoft Research, UK)

  • Approaching Realtime Reliable Communications? A Novel System Design and Implementation for Roadway Safety Oriented Vehicular Communications
    Tianbo Gu, Kai Xing, Yang Wang, Zhengang Zhao, Liusheng Huang, Lifu Tu (University of Science and Technology of China, P.R.China), Pei Li (National University of Defense Tech., P.R.China)

The Call for Demos is archived here.

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