Wireless LAN Facility at MobiCom 2000


The organizing committee of MobiCom 2000 has arranged for a wireless LAN facility in the conference area. An IEEE 802.11 and 802.11b compliant network with Internet access will be provided by Direct Network Services.

Direct Network Services will make PCMCIA network cards and necessary software drivers available at the conference location for the participants' use. The participants will need to pay a deposit on their credit card for the cost of the network card. The credit card will not be charged if  the network card is returned by the end of the conference. The participant, however, can keep the network card, although he/she essentially then agrees to purchase it and the credit card will be charged.

Information about setting up the networking on laptops for accessing the wireless LAN will be available at the conference location.

Participants can also bring their own network cards if they wish. Any 802.11 or 802.11b compliant DSSS (Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum) network card should work. The 802.11 frequency hopping cards will not work. Basically, anything made by Lucent (note that many vendors rebadge Lucent stuff, like the MAC Airport and Cabletron) should work. Even the Cisco Aeronet cards will work, but they will fall back to the 802.11 base rate of 2Mbps.