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SIGMOBILE FY'97 Annual Report

July 1996 - June 1997
Submitted by: Kazem Sohraby, SIGMOBILE Vice Chair


I. Publication Initiatives

Mobile Computing and Communications Review (MC2R): This quarterly newsletter has been established to serve as the premier forum for addressing networks, systems, algorithms and applications that support the symbiosis of portable computers and wireless networks. MC2R is a peer-reviewed publication which has been established to help keep the mobile computing and networking community abreast of all the happenings in this rapidly exploding field. The fist issue was published April 1997.

Two successful journals prepared by SIGMOBILE are: Wireless Networks Journal (WINET) and Mobile Networks and Applications Journal (MONET).

WINET: This journal focuses on the networking and user aspects of the expanding field of wireless and mobile networking. It provides a single common and global forum for archival value contributions documenting these fast growing areas of interest. The journal publishes refereed articles dealing with research, experience and management issues of wireless networks. Its aim is to allow the reader to benefit from experience, problems and solutions described. Regularly addressed issues include: Network architectures for Personal Communications Systems, wireless LAN's, radio, tactical and other wireless networks, design and analysis of protocols, network management and network performance, network services and service integration, nomadic computing, internetworking with cable and other wireless networks, standardization and regulatory issues, specific system descriptions, applications and user interface, and enabling technologies for wireless networks.

MONET: MONET's technical scope reflects the emerging symbiosis of portable computers and wireless networks, addressing the convergence of mobility, computing and information organization, its access and management.

II. Special Projects Which Had Some Sort of Impact on the Technical Community, Including Any Standards Activities

MobiCom'97 conference is jointly sponsored by the IEEE Communications Society as well as sister societies in ACM. Interest of IEEE COMSOC to co-sponsor this conference reflects the impact SIGMOBILE has been having on other technical communities. The WINET, MONET, and MC2R reflect up to date information on wireless, mobile computing and networking standards and activities. Special columns with responsible editors are assigned to provide latest information on these activities.

III. Conference/Workshop Program Highlights

In November 1996 MobiCom'96 was held in New York. This was a very successful conference with about 200 in attendance. MobiCom'97 will be held September-October 1997 in Budapest Hungary. About 30 papers have been accepted for MobiCom'97 conference. Alongside MobiCom'97 there will be two workshops:
  • The Second International Workshop on Satellite-based Information Services (WOSBIS 97), and:

  • The first International Workshop on Discrete Algorithms and Methods for Mobile Computing and Communications (DIAL-M).

IV. Awards Given Out (To Whom And Why)

There are two categories of awards by this SIG:
  • Distinguished Service Award (DSA) -- DSA is awarded on the basis of value and level of services to the mobile networking and wireless communications community. The award recognizes contributions to ACM SIGMOBILE, its conferences, publications, or its local activities.

  • Outstanding Contribution Award (OCA) - The Award for Outstanding Contributions to Research on Mobility of Systems, Users, Data and Computing is given by ACM SIGMOBILE to recognize an individual who has made a significant and lasting contribution to the research on mobile communications and wireless networking. The contribution can be a single event or a life-time of achievement.

SIGMOBILE 1996 OCA award was give to Professor Anthony Ephremides of Dept. of Electrical Engineering University of Maryland, College Park.

Professor Ephremides received this award for Outstanding Contributions to Research on Mobility Of Systems, Users, Data and Computing. In recognition of Professor Ephremides' lasting contributions to a number of wireless networking topics including distributed routing protocols, access protocols for multi-media traffic and server scheduling policies, the ACM SIGMOBILE award was given.

V. Educational Activities Or Initiatives

A highly valuable repository of research arcticles are provided by WINET, MONET, and MC2R.

VI. International Initiatives

MobiCom'97 is to be held in Hungary. This initiative has attracted many well-respected individual voluneers from several European countries, several of whom are serving as members of the MobiCom'97 executive committee as well as its technical committee. MobiCom is jointly sponsored by the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, an internationally respected scientific community in Europe.

VII. Collaborative Efforts With Other SIGs Or Sister Societies

MobiCom'97 conference is co-sponsored by SIGCOMM, and IEEE Communications Society (COMSOC).

VIII. Outstanding Volunteer Efforts

We would like to thank Professors Chris Rose of Rutgers University and David B. Johnson of Carnegie Mellon University, the technical program co-chairs for MobiCom'97 conference.

IX. Membership Activities And/Or Concerns In The Next 1-3 Years, Including Leadership Development

Since this SIG was created, an active process of members attraction has begun. For example, all attendees of MobiCom'96 who were already members of ACM were given one year complimentary membership in SIGMOBILE. They would receive a free copy of MC2R newsletter and other SIGMOBILE membership benefits.

X. SIG Program Plan

It seems that there is a new community, members of which are coming from different professional societies, about equally divided between industry and academia, many previously not affiliated with ACM in any way. Secondly, there is a huge interest and commercial investment in services and applications. These rely almost exclusively on "software" solutions -- the mainstay of ACM. We see therefore no reason for encroaching on well established activities, while the scope of SIGMOBILE is very wide as it is.

SIGMOBILE will address the above spectrum of issues, through its journal publications, the newsletter (MC2R) as well as its annual conference (Mobicom). The group's technical scope will reflect the emerging symbiosis of portable computers and wireless networks, addressing the convergence of mobility, computing and information organization, its access, services, management and applications.

XI. Listing of computer and other equipment purchases

There were no special equipment purchases in this reporting period.
The ACM Special Interest Group on Mobility of Systems, Users, Data and Computing